150 megapixels: Oppo will be among the first to use the new Samsung sensor

As we often say, the megapixel race never stops. There are many who try to reach the top, also through DxOMark, adding wagons of megapixels to photographic sensors. For those not aware of it Xiaomi is among these: it has in fact patented by poco support for a 256 megapixel sensor. Also Oppo has decided not to get eaten in the head and, contrary to his trend (see Find the X2 Pro which reaches only 48 megapixels) will integrate a sensor from well into its future smartphones 150 megapixel. Let's see the details.

Oppo, together with Xiaomi, will also use the 150 megapixel Samsung sensor that will be released at the end of the year

While for Xiaomi we can predict that it will be the Mi Mix 4 to integrate this monstrous sensor from 150 megapixel, for Oppo it is impossible to say. The devices that the brand plans to launch in the future, in addition to Reno Ace 2, are unknown. But we know something about this sensor created by Samsung.

oppo smartphone with 150 megapixel sensor

Source: Sammobile

This camera, whose name is still unknown, will be equipped with a technology called Nonacell. Thanks to this the sensor will have in itself 9 pixel in 1: until now, with the sensors we have seen on Xiaomi Mi Note 10, the pixels grouped in one were only 4. This translates in a nutshell to a higher quality of light captured with a higher quality in terms of photographic yield. In addition, the sensor size will be quite generous, given that it will be 1 ″. According to the data in our possession, this 150 megapixel sensor that Oppo will integrate into its devices will see the light in late 2020 but it will come actually used by companies only starting from 2021. In all, there are three companies that asked for the first "samples" from Samsung: Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi. We also know that the contracts between the Korean company and the Chinese ones have already been signed, so everything has been well established since last December.

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