New symptoms of Coronavirus in the tech world: the cost of shipments from China is on the way

Unfortunately, in addition to the health problems deriving from the effects of the Coronavirus, these days we are also witnessing further aggravations on the economic system of China. Stock market collapse, costs deriving from the health emergency but also the stupid idea of ​​no longer buying products from China for fear of receiving a package full of deadly viruses at home. It must also be said that the brake on purchases also derives from the fact that shipments are in doubt and therefore in addition to the usual 15/20 days, others should probably be added due to checks and blockages of the transoceanic routes.

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Smartphones, one of the leading tech products of the Chinese speiditions, will report a decline in sales of at least 30% according to reports, but if we think that the excellent prices we are used to could, by virtue of the crisis, actually improve something considerably could change significantly in the negative. In fact, many online stores offer their customers the opportunity to enjoy free shipping, a mechanism that could change in the future due to an increase in shipping costs.



New symptoms of Coronavirus in the tech world: the cost of shipments from China is on the way

Some retailers who previously offered free shipping already seem to have adapted to the new price hike policy. You will wonder, what has changed, since previously it was possible to use this service for free? Magic was possible thanks to Universal Post Union, a service designed to facilitate the economies of developing countries, and on which many stores aimed to ship small parcels without having to weigh on the final cost to the buyer. And guess who broke the eggs in the basket? The United States, which has threatened to exit this agreement, once again wanting to confine China, playing on the general hysteria due to the effect of the Coronavirus.

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As always, politics is always behind bad news, which is why we will see an increase in shipping rates, which in any case cannot exceed 70% of national rates. So do we have to say goodbye to free shipping forever? Industry analysts partly cheer us up, saying that China's economic development has actually achieved such efficiency that it still allows itself to "give" its international buyers a free service and thus restart the export trade. Are you confident or not?

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