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A silent war between brands has always been fought, in which one alternately wins over the other, bringing out the best smartphone. Better not in performance, but in terms of photographic sensors. Usually the two toughest companies are Xiaomi and Huawei: normally the arrows from Lu Weibing and the counterpart of the other house are dry and decisive. Oppo from his, in a very silent way, has passed both with Oppo Find X2 Pro some time ago even though it is now Honor to stand up to everyone. What if, again, Oppo finds them all with a sensor from 192 megapixel?

The first smartphone with sensor that supports 192 megapixels could be an Oppo, or at least a Realme

In the past few hours the well-known Chinese leaker Digital Chat Station has posted a screenshot on Weibo that is driving the crowds into raptures. These are data relating to a photo taken from a smartphone, but they are data that make an impression so many are the zeros that we read.

or 192 megapixels

Clearly the most important data have been deleted so that the hype is skyrocketing, so we cannot say for sure if it is a smartphone Oppo. But what leads us to think that it is he is the interface: if you notice it, it looks a lot like that of coloros. Stop doing the day jumps though: remember that we find the same interface on Realme devices as well Realme UI is the perfect copy of the Oppo custom skin.

In any case, the photo taken this month (justified by the date in the second line) would have one 12.000 x 16.000 pixel resolution.

These numbers are really scary since we have never seen them, but we continue. Another fact that left us speechless is the weight of the aforementioned photograph: 35.8 MB.

or 192 megapixels

Now let's stop for a moment: we know that 192 megapixels are not the REAL ones in a sensor, but can be reached digitally. There resolution is related proportionally to the final image size which, if cropped, loses very little quality. In addition, a sensor with such a quantity of pixels, as well as the Samsung HMX of Xiaomi Mi Note 10, allows you to get to a very high magnification ratio before the stretched pixels begin to "negatively" modify the final image. Theoretically the "original" sensor should only have 64 megapixel and develop only after a quality from 192 megapixel.

For the moment we do not know anything else, except that a "normal" processor like Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 supports these numbers. Corridor rumors say that next month will be the right one, what do you say?

Via | Weibo


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