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429 € for Dreame Z10 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner with COUPON

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Dreame Z10 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

429€ 529€
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Hands free up to 65 days = Self-emptying base + 4L large dust bag
After the floor cleaning work, Dreame Bot Z10 Pro will automatically return to the base
automatic emptying base to empty the dust tank. No need to manually and frequently empty the dust tank, easy to use and maintain.

Innovative double air duct design, more effective space for the dust tank.
The dust disposal process is optimized using the dual airflow design.
The dust is blown out from one side of the dust cup as a powerful suction comes
performed on the other end - the combined power that forces the dust to move
into the dust collection bag effectively.
With a sealed dust bag.
By sealing the odor and preventing secondary pollution.

Great suction power 4000Pa
Easily cleans large particles and small fine dust;
4 suction levels, which can be freely adjusted according to the degree
of dirt on the ground.

Large, intelligently controlled water tank for deep cleaning.
3 water volume options are offered in the App to suit different
cleaning needs and ensure good cleaning performance.
The floor will instantly dry after constant cleaning, leaving your floor flawlessly clean.

LDS LiDAR navigation, full coverage.
Advanced LDS lidar navigation and SLAM algorithm facilitate fast scanning, dynamic and accurate mapping, efficient route planning.
The robot intelligently navigates your home and builds a map.
As he knows your home, he will learn the most efficient cleaning route. Leaving you an impeccable cleanliness. A variety of cleaning settings make cleaning more carefree.

With high-precision 3D technology, the robot can tackle a complex home environment with ease.
Featuring industry-leading structured light and 3D imaging algorithms for real-time sensing, it boasts 3D sensing and perception of more
more than 100 obstacles on the ground (such as slippers, cables, table and chair legs, etc.), thus achieving precise evasion and preventing
accidental collision and entanglement. Hence, it can provide trouble-free cleaning even in a complex environment, being smarter and more effective.

Cleaning made easy with voice control.
You can connect your smart home devices to the robot and tell it when and how you want to clean.
Compatible with Amazon Alexa.

5200mAh large capacity battery
Lasting up to 150 minutes, it can sweep an area up to 250m² *.

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