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BlitzWolf BW-CMM2 Coffee Machine

€77 €95
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2W BlitzWolf BW-CMM110 Coffee Machine, 20bar pressure, milk frothing function, safety systems.

Main Features:

* Safe Protection: The machine has the functions of overheat protection, auto pressure relief, and auto temperature control.

* Professional Milk Frothing: Frothing bubble cappuccino and lattes by hot steam easily.

* Dual System & Simple Operation: Brew coffee or forth milk independently or simultaneously.

* 2-Cup Split-flow Espresso: Enjoy delicious coffee with your friend

* Stainless Steel Nipple: Uneasy to rust.

* 20 Bar High Pressure: Extraction, 1100W big power form beautiful coffee cream and smooth taste quickly.

SpecificationModel: BW-CMM2Type: Espresso MachineMaterial: Stainless Steel
Voltage: 220-240V, 50-60Hz
Plug: EUPower: 1100W
SizeSize: 274L * 227W * 300H mm Net Weight: 3.65Kg
Package Contents1 * Espresso machine1 * Plug1 * Adapter (according to your country)
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