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82 € for COTTONSMITH self-heating jacket (Xiaomi ecosystem) with COUPON

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COTTONSMITH self-heating jacket (Xiaomi ecosystem)

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COTTONSMITH self-heating jacket (Xiaomi ecosystem) in goose down (90%), with graphene technology for intelligent heat distribution, 4 temperatures, anti-splash surface and safety systems for safe use.


● Graphene evenly dissipates heat Graphene a carbon nanotube heating film, warmth directly to the cold-prone areas, rapid warming, to resist the cold.
● Stable and Washable. The heating device is made of graphene - carbon nanotube film material, the internal carbon atom lattice structure is hexagonal honeycomb, stable performance, not afraid of 40 times of washing.
● 1 Second warm-up, 4-speed temperature control. Portable charging, warm up in 1 second. Adjusts the desired temperature according to the ambient temperature with one touch (53 ° C red, 48 ° C purple, 43 ° C green, 38 ° C white). Electrothermal conversion efficiency 99%
● Safe voltage. Automatic power-off and anti-scalding. Avoid low temperature burns, heater set 3 hours automatic power off.
● Windproof and watertight. Facing the cold and bad weather

NameTemperature control Heating coat
Fabric100% Polyester
filler100% polyester
Product colorBlack / Red / Navy Blue
Heating element parameters
Input voltage5V
Input current0-2.0A
Area positionWaist
Modes4 modes
Four temperature levels53/48/43/38 ° C
Power supply interfaceUSB
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