A "hybrid" camera on this new Oppo patent

We have seen them all by now: cameras invisible, sliding mechanisms, pop-up sensors, very wide notches that have become tiny over time e holes. In short, technology never stops and with it even brands that seek optimal solutions to put cameras on their devices. Oppo knows something: with the series Oppo reno has inaugurated a mechanism for the front sensor which, besides being useful for have multiple displays, it's also super nice: let's talk about the shark fin on Oppo Reno 2. Now it seems that Oppo has in mind to propose a different camera for a future device, we will say hybrid.

A camera that is not embedded in a notch, nor positioned at an angle, let alone retractable: Oppo you have in mind?

The patent that we are going to show you is a model that, from what is written on the official documents, has been filed with the CNIPA ( "China National Intellectual Property Administration“) In March of last year and only last week was it approved. More than just the design of the smartphone, it amazes Oppo's trickery in presenting the front photographic sensor.

oppo hybrid camera

As we can clearly see from the image above, the brand would have decided to insert the sensor in a rather unusual point, for this reason we have nicknamed that of Oppo a hybrid camera. Notice how the hole is neither on the screen (as the fashion of the moment wants), nor in a "full" notch. It is precisely on the upper frame, halfway between the body and the front panel


The reason why the company would have opted for a similar choice is ingot, but perhaps it is due to space reasons: put it this way increases the usable area of ​​the display. This however is not the only thing that amazes us about the device we see. In the photo just below we also note the rear compartment of the device, formed by well four cameras.

oppo hybrid camera

Taking up what is the line of the Oppo Reno series, also this (fortunately) presents i rear flush sensors. In this way, when we are going to place the smartphone on the dorsal, the slides of the cameras will have no problems. Everything is helped by one ball (in the last position starting from the top) which will help raise the appliance a few millimeters. For the rest we don't see the shadow of the 3.5mm audio jack hole or other holes, if not the one for the cable type-C refill. Obviously present the volume rocker on the left and the power button on the right.

We do not know if and when this device will be released, but without a doubt it will be able to tickle all users who want to try something new.


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