Goodbye to old SMS, 5G messages are coming

The new 5G connection technology is making people talk a lot about themselves and often not positively, given the recent acts of vandalism that have even led to setting fires on radio towers. But today we will not talk about this story nor will we enter into the merits of the benefits or inconveniences that 5G will bring, but we will face the final sting that old SMS are about to receive, surviving so far, despite the advent of chat like Telegram and Whatsapp .

From a press conference held in the last few hours in China among the big names in the telephony sector, the new messaging service based on fifth generation networks is getting closer: the so-called 5G messages, a new technology that eliminates the length limit Traditional SMS, as well as support for a series of multimedia formats, the possibility of reading reports on the status of messages, etc.


Goodbye to old SMS, 5G messages are coming

Furthermore, as an extra, 5G messages will offer integrated services such as the search for services as well as compatibility with payments. For the moment, the news is dedicated to the Chinese market, expected to arrive by June 2020, but the performance of this new technology is clear, which could permanently retire the glorious SMS.

Huawei will start testing this week but soon other companies such as Xiaomi, OPPO, ViVo, Lenovo, Meizu, ZTE to name a few could follow the example of the technological giant to their rival.And you, will you ever give up or have already given up on the old ones SMS.

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