After Xiaomi, Samsung and OnePlus also "bully" Apple's new iPhone 12

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Updated on: 25 October 2020 12:18

As expected, after the announcement of the new iPhone 12 line up by Apple, many complaints were unleashed, both for prices and for other reasons, but above all for the absence of the battery charger, justified as a safeguard of the planet. So here are the various teasing of rival companies, first of all Xiaomi, followed by other digs from brands such as Samsung, which sarcastically did not miss the opportunity to have their say. In fact, we see a post appearing on Samsung's Facebook social profile, depicting a simple wall charger which is accompanied by the phrase: "Included with your Galaxy".

The reference to Apple and iPhone 12 is clear, which has decided not to include this accessory in the package, while still charging the price of its devices.

iphone 12

After Xiaomi, Samsung and OnePlus also "bully" Apple's new iPhone 12

But all this controversy, according to industry analysts, would only be of benefit to Apple, which will continue to set a trend and could therefore push other manufacturers to follow the choice of eliminating the power accessory from their packaging, in the style of iPhone 12.

Let's hope not, at least judging the controversy in the Android field against iPhone 12, to which the brand is also added OnePlus, which certainly cannot give up the possibility of offering fast chargers in consideration of the charging power supported by its devices.

iphone 12

The image above was extrapolated from the event dedicated to the launch of OnePlus 8T, when the topic of fast charging was introduced which will be accompanied by a 65W charger present in the package. The company manager was particularly keen to point out that this is a solution that cost twice as much as the previous generation, but included the same in the package without raising the selling price. In fact, the top of the Android range costs just 599 euros, while Apple's basic solution starts at at least 900 euros ... the final judgment is up to you.

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