Oppo will also have a foldable smartphone, but different from the others

It was only a matter of time before that too Oppo came to its first folding device. Maybe it will be the next trend or maybe not, but this seems to be the next telephony trend that all OEMs are adapting to. We have seen before Samsung with the expensive Galaxy Fold and then Xiaomi with the "unofficial" Mi Flex. In short, a little everyone is working on the development of their foldable and also Oppo is not idle as the Letsgodigital team has found a patent that would show the the first folding of the brand. The curious thing is that it is very different from all those we have seen so far, even from what it officially showed some time ago.

Oppo will also have a foldable smartphone, but different from the others

You will be quivering, we know, that's why we tell you immediately what it is. In reality Oppo has thought of a very intelligent way not to let users buy a real smartphone, but a sort of extension for your device. Let's see the pictures.

As we can observe it is not a real smartphone but a sort of book in which to attach the device we already have. What about the display? It is behind and takes advantage of almost the entire rear surface as if it were a laptop. In fact, to be honest, this is exactly what it is: a smartphone that becomes a sort of laptop without a keyboard (like a tablet). Based on the data in our possession this device will allow you to extend (in the truest sense of the word) the operating system

and the display smartphone up to enlarge it 4 times.

The thing that leaves us a little perplexed, however, is thatUSB output that we see in the second image: what is that for? pop-up plugin? It will be the only way Oppo found for load this device or the way to connect smartphone and folding? Currently we know nothing except that this new mode is very curious and allows you to take advantage of a screen in a truly original way. Reportedly this patent would have been presented several months ago, precisely in the March of the 2019, but approved only 4 days ago by the body prepared, or the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office).

There are many questions, for example where a camera will be housed, if there will be. As said, we do not know anything else about this device: neither if what is said is true, or if it is already in production. Without a doubt, it could be a very valid alternative to those who do not want to spend money to change their device (or buy a tablet) but simply need to use a larger screen.


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