Still controversy between Realme and POCO, but this time the community arises

We could define POCO and Realme, the two hottest mobile phone companies of the moment, like cat and dog. Not a day goes by when the two brands compete and tease each other like children in kindergarten. The rivalry between the two companies is quite heated with the aim of appearing better in the mid-range of the market. To be honest it is POCO to tease the rival Realme, carrying on a bit the disputes that at the time were of Samsung and Apple or Xiaomi and Lenovo.

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Still controversy between Realme and POCO, but this time the community arises


POCO highly appreciated on the market thanks to the launch of POCOPHONE F1 has from poco presented his recent POCO X2 while Realme just a few hours ago brought its Realme 6 and 6 Pro mid ranges on the market, as well as the Realme Band fitness tracker. But the business executive POCO wanted to make controversy first about Realme's choice to integrate 5G in the latest X50 flagships, defining this technology as useless and subsequently continued the feud by hurling himself on Realme 6, or rather on the battery used, a 4300 mAh unit defined by Realme itself as "wide".


POCO he then declared: "If yours is wide, then what should ours be called?“In virtue that the battery equipped on X2 has a capacity of 4500 mAh. Realme 90's 6Hz screen was then targeted in comparison to the 120Hz screen of POCO X2, defined "the TRUE #SmoothAF". And finally the criticism of the photographic sector, as it is equipped with a 64 MP sensor from Samsung instead of a Sony, generally more performing.

You understand well that they seem sterile and rather childish controversies, also because we know very well that what matters is how the hardware is optimized with the software to make the difference between a smartphone and another, but what has amazed in this story is how the the tech addicted community came to the defense of Realme, also launching decidedly intelligent, mature and positive ideas for releasing.

Among these we find what dictated by Sudhanse Ambhore, who through a tweet wrote:

Why does C Manmohan continue to compare his device with the other on the market? Do you feel too insecure? Let the consumer decide the winner ".

But even the reviewer Nimit gave his thoughts, declaring:

It's so true. POCO clearly has a better product, at least on paper. Let reviews and feedback prove it. So you seem desperate and you give a bad name to the brand. POCO has great products but needs to better manage the brand image on social media!".

In short, from what the company emerges POCO it certainly has some good products in its catalog, but it is unable to manage the social aspect of the brand, adopting an overly aggressive line that risks “dirtying” the good reputation of its products. And what do you think of it? You enjoy these trashy talk show parlor events or agree that POCO should he calm down and maybe apologize to Realme?

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