You can detect the first signs of Alzheimer's with your smartphone

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The use of the smartphone in field medical health insurance it is a frontier that has been coming to life in recent years. We have previously seen how this is possible with the smartphone determine the level of blood clotting or also detect COVID-19. Today we are going to see how, through the front camera, it is possible to detect the first symptoms of Alzheimer's. A group of computer scientists and researchers managed to do this by scanning the eye with the Selfie chamber. Let's see how.

A team of researchers has found a way to detect the first signs of Alzheimer's using the smartphone's front camera

Un a team of computer scientists from the University of California, in San Diego, has developed a smartphone app that can detect Alzheimer's at an early stage. The diagnosis is made through the front camera without any prior preparation. The loci

coeruleus it is the area of ​​the brain that controls pupil dilation and is one of the first to degenerate when Alzheimer's disease begins. 

smartphone to recognize Alzheimer's

Studies have shown that subjects with mild cognitive impairment have greater expansion area of pupil when performing a complex cognitive test compared to healthy adults. The new app tracks these changes to the millimeter using the infrared camera found on any modern smartphone.

Eric Granholm, one of the study's co-authors, said:

A smartphone-based scalable assessment tool that can be used for large-scale population screening could facilitate the development of pupillary response tests as minimally invasive, low-cost tests to aid in the detection and understanding of diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. This could have a huge impact on public health

The app is still in beta test phase. The next step is to test it in patients with mild cognitive impairment and make sure the measurements are useful for precisely identify patients with pre-clinical Alzheimer's disease

Via | NewAtlas

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