ARCore: support for Realme X2 / Pro Oppo Reno 2 / 2Z, Oppo F11 Pro and Oppo K5

Arcore was the name of the platform Google used for creating augmented reality experiences. The service allowed the smartphone to detect the surrounding environment through the camera, to understand the world and learn to interact. Subsequently, this platform changed its name, which became “Google Play Services for AR". This important service for smartphones is useful above all for games such as the famous Pokemon Go, but also for much more professional areas. In fact, think of all those who must use augmented reality for work, such as builders. Isomma, a feature that nowadays comes in very handy and that has finally arrived for Realme X2 / Pro, Oppo Reno 2 / 2Z, Oppo F11 Pro and Oppo K5.

Google ARCore: support for Realme X2 / Pro, Oppo Reno 2 / 2Z, Oppo F11 Pro and Oppo K5

As mentioned before, the camera of your device is required to take advantage of this feature. The key features of this service driven byartificial intelligence they are basically three: il motion detection, environmental understanding through the three dimensions and an estimate of the light by the photographic sensor.

Support for the above devices comes after that received by Realme 5 / Pro and XT some time ago. The delay, although there is no release ladder, occurred with a little delay because each device must be "calibrated" according to its hardware. In fact, if the smartphone doesn't have one enough CPU power, will not fall under Google standards which in turn will not release the update.

Just talking about CPU the devices have: Snapdragon 730G for Realme X2, Oppo Reno 2Z and Oppo K5, Snapdragon 855 Plus for Realme X2 Pro, MediaTek Helio P90 e P70 respectively for Oppo Reno 2Z and Oppo F11 Pro.


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