BEZIOR X1500 review the monstrous electric FatBike

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La Bezior X1500 is an electric fatbike of Lankeleisi is beautiful, powerful and with really interesting features.

Comes in a large package ed it is already almost completely assembled. Just attach the front wheel, handlebar and pedals. After checking the tightness of the other components, you are ready to ride.

In addition to the bike, in packaging there are several "extras". An anti-theft chain and relative attachment for the bike. A portable pump. A mechanical bell. A multipurpose tool with screwdrivers, Allen screws, etc. And of course the manual which is only in English but very accurate and useful both for the first departure and for subsequent maintenance.

La Bezior X1500 has an aluminum frame with a maximum capacity of 200kg and an overall size of 85x105x95cm for a weight of only 25kg. Very few considering the type of bicycle. The minimum height from the ground of the adjustable seat is 89cm. IS' IP54 certified (direct water splash protection) and can therefore also be used in case of rain.

The bike it can also be folded up, thanks to the quick release, to store it and transport it comfortably in the car thanks to the dimensions of 100x105x45.

At the front we find the characteristic fatbike wheel with 26 × 4 ″ tires obviously tessellated. Braking is delegated to the brake a 160mm disc with Zoom hydraulic calipers (form HB-875). The fork is cushioned by hydraulic oil suspensions, lockable and adjustable.

Also in the back we find hydraulic oil suspensions, a single large non-adjustable shock absorber.

In the back we find the exact same wheel from which it stands out il powerful electric motor capable of delivering up to 1500W and that pushes the bike in both assisted and electric mode up to a speed of 40 km / h.

Il gearbox is a Shimano M2000 with 27 gears divided into nine pinions and three rear crowns. Certainly it is not a professional change but it is more than sufficient and efficient in most situations.

La 18650Ah Panasonic 12.8 battery it is hidden inside the frame but can be removed to recharge it even at home. A supplied key ensures that it is not pulled out and stolen. The supplied 54.6V 3A charger recharges the battery in 4 hours providing an autonomy of 45km in "electric only" mode and up to 100Km with pedal assistance


On the handlebar we find the classic controls for changing gears, one on each side. On the right knob is present the throttle for the "electric only" mode On the left there is the control of the electronic part: a central button to turn the bike on / off and two arrows to scroll through the 6 available modes (from 0 to 5).

  1. No assistance, just electric. The knob is activated to accelerate
  2. Minimum assistance 5-10 km / h
  3. Average assistance 10-15 km / h
  4. High assistance 15-20 km / h
  5. Very high assistance 20-25 km / h
  6. Maximum assistance 25-30 km / h

It is also possible to activate the cruise mode which maintains a cash and adjustable speed without the need to accelerate or pedal.

The comfortable LCD display placed centrally, it provides some values ​​in real time: remaining range with 10 cleats, current speed, selected PAS mode, total km traveled (odometer) and km + time elapsed since the last power on.

To complete the equipment of the Bezior X1500 we also find the easel and a double LED light front which for an "urban" use are always useful.


Bezior x1500 overview

La Bezior X1500 it's a bicycle beautiful, sturdy and fun with an obvious off-road propensity but capable of offering excellent comfort even on increasingly bumpy urban roads. Land wide tires ensure monstrous grip and even downhill on the gravel I always felt safe.

The powerful electric assistance contributes to the fun by allowing you to climb peaks where other "electric" bikes struggle

Bezior X1500 offers

Although not designed for a professional sector, the Bezior X1500 offers a complete technical equipment able to satisfy the average user.

These days it is on offer to 1.224 on BangGood at this link inserting the discount code BGBezToToday in the appropriate field at the top right before payment. Shipping from the warehouse in Europe takes one week and is free.

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The BEZIOR X1500 is a beautiful, sturdy FatBike capable of offering a lot of fun thanks to the wide tires and the powerful 1500 WATT motor.

  • Wide tires
  • Very powerful engine
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Double hydraulic shock absorber
  • Inaccurate change
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Igor Campana
1 year ago

Hi how do you turn the brakes that the Chinese have reversed brakes? In addition, have you managed to set the sensor that does not give gas when you do not press the pedals? Is there the possibility of limiting it to 25km / h?
Thank you

Igor Campana
1 year ago
Reply to  simone

Thanks Simone. I managed to turn the brakes. Just unscrew the screw with the tube 3 turn them. If it is not squeezed then it is not necessary to remove the air.
In the mountains I notice that the engine does not have enough torque to go. On my own it does not deliver 1500w. Were you able to optimize it?
In addition, the shock absorber behind me comes to the end and is uncomfortable. Is there a possibility to increase the range?

Igor Campana
1 year ago
Reply to  simone

Where can I find more information on the secret menu and all settings?

6 months ago
Reply to  Igor Campana

bonjour avez vous trouver plus d'alformations sur le menu secret s'il vous plait sa m'intéresse aussi beaucoup merci

5 months ago
Reply to  Igor Campana

I mě dorazilo kolo s nesmyslným nastavením a tajnými menu se musím prokousávat dost složitě. Výrobce ani prodejce návod nechtějí poslat.

2 months ago
Reply to  Igor Campana

Siemanko ja też chciała bym wiedziec co oznacza każda z tych symboli żebym mogła sobie ustawić rower pod siebie. Jest możliwość dostania wykazu tych symboli?

6 months ago

bonjour il n'y a pas moye d'avoir une notice en français s'il vous plait
thank you in advance

4 months ago

But the engine is bfang? Is it possible to install color displays found on Amazon for bfang?

3 months ago

Hola, vendría bien para a person of 1,90 meters de height? Muchas gracias.

Elektryczny Pastuch
Elektryczny Pastuch
16 days ago

If you want to know what does numbers in secret menu means, type in Google S700 lcd manual. There is everything explained with pictures.