BlitzWolf BW-WA3 PRO the 120W portable speaker is the most powerful you can buy!

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What could be the best outdoor music speaker for this summer? We have an idea .. and it is probably the right one! Here is the speaker BlitzWolf BW-WA3 Pro from 120W!

Summer is in the air, the best time for outdoor activities! Enjoy the breeze on the beach, go camping with family and friends, have a picnic in the beautiful scenery of a forest. But wait a minute… these moments won't be memorable without the right soundtrack! So why not choose a portable music speaker and set up your playlist outdoors? Blitzwolf WA3 Pro is the perfect choice for those who want crystal-clear power and sound. At first glance, you might underestimate the quality of such a compact speaker but let me list 5 reasons why it would be the right purchase:

  1. Small but powerful - it is much smaller than other portable speakers. With a strap it is easy to carry it on your back or put it in your backpack. Although it is small, it is really powerful, think 120W, and this will help you to keep away all those annoying noises that could disturb you, so it is also perfect for creating the right atmosphere at a party. It doesn't distort at higher volumes, so you can feel comfortable and "pump" with the music!
  2. 360 ° Sound Effect - With double diaphragm and small speakers on each side, you can hear 3D music wherever you are. For a more vivid sound effect, pair two speakers together and you'll be shocked by the powerful 240W stereo surround sound. So you'll take full advantage of the BT 5.0 connection.
  3. You will have 3 preset EQ modes - WA3 PRO has 3 different EQ curves for each different need. For electronic music lovers, the "Heavy Bass" mode will certainly be a favorite. For lovers of classical music or if you want to fully appreciate the vocal qualities of your favorite singer then you can set the "Voice mode" and everything will seem clearer. Finally, the “Standard Mode” is there for all other situations.
  4. Comfortable versatile and waterproof - carry it on your back with the strap, everything is quick and easy. Take it with you to the lake, the pool, the sea and you will no longer have to worry about water splashes or sudden rain as we have an IPX5 waterproof rating. As if that were not enough, in case of need, you can also use it as a power bank! Its battery is as good as 16000 mAh, so it will not be necessary to bring another one and you will always be sure not to be left with the smartphone "dry". All these features make it the best companion for the outdoor life!
  5. Incredible light show - on the sides of our speaker will come to life an incredible RGB light show that moves to the rhythm of the music. It will be truly a unique show to enjoy your favorite playlist accompanied by a perfectly timed lighting effect!

In general we can say that this brand new speaker BlitzWolf BW-WA3 PRO it is an excellent speaker for outdoor music (but obviously also for indoor, perhaps at low volumes ..) not to be missed!

It is already possible to pre-order it on GOOD BANG and pay it much less than its list price which is around € 250. Below I leave you the direct link for the purchase!


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