BYD and Realme launch the key car function via NFC

Only that he uses theNFC it fully understands its comfort. Who still relies on cash is not clear (not to criticize, of course) how much it is this function is useful and comfortable. Through the NFC sensor of smartphones it is possible, among many things, to pay without having to take out the wallet. There Near Field Communication (this is the full name) generally allows you to send a certain type of data via a network peer-to-peer created between two neighboring devices. This process can also be applied for open a car and that's just what Realme and BYD they are doing.

BYD and Realme work together to get your cars open via NFC

Some cars in Europe already integrate this type of technology: just bring the key or smartphone equipped with NFC close to the car and voila, it opens magically. In reality there is nothing magical and to demonstrate it there is also Realme that, together with one of the largest Chinese car manufacturers, is launching this feature implementing it on their smartphones.

realme nfc cars

According to what reported, the first device that can use this function will be Realme X50 Pro. Just associate your smartphone with the dedicated application so that the owner is recognized. After doing this, you will need to switch the device to 4 cm maximum from the left rear view mirror

(the driver's side) to unlock the door and get into the car. Why the mirror? One reason is that many car models such as BMW are known to complement the chip NFC in the door: changing places should make it more difficult for a thief to get into the car.

The name of the "digital key" will be BYD DiLink NFC and after having tested all the safety factors in the laboratory can only be used on new BYD Song Pro models. According to the source, other brands like Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo e Huawei have joined this initiative.

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