Price drop for Qualcomm and MediaTek 5G CPUs due to Coronavirus crisis?

Unfortunately it is sadly known how the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) has weakened the world economy, without sparing any sector, not even the technological one, for example by reducing the demand for smartphones. With this, small producers begin to prepare to file for bankruptcy, no longer able to sustain the crisis, by virtue of an increasingly smaller number of consumers.

This also has an inexorable impact on the manufacturers of hardware components used in mobile phones, including Qualcomm and MediaTek, leaders in the manufacture of processors and who for some time have also been facing the challenge of 5G.


Price drop for Qualcomm and MediaTek 5G CPUs due to Coronavirus crisis?

And this technology will give vent to a market war, as the popularity of the new connectivity will peak at the end of the year. But considering the crisis generated by Covid-19 and therefore to a limited number of OEMs linked to telephony, the two giants of mobile 5G will have to decrease prices in the coming months.

In fact, only Samsung and Huawei can "afford" to produce proprietary processors and sell smartphones, so Qualcomm and MediaTek must sell chips for an increasingly limited number of devices. This does not mean that the price reduction will reach the end user, so we wait to "cheer".

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