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Recently several users have asked us if there is a new address for CB01 Community, the famous online streaming site that was once called Cineblog01. It is a question that makes a lot of sense: portals like this tend to disappear and resurrect by changing domains with such ease that sometimes keeping up with them becomes difficult.

And here we at TechToday come to the rescue. In this guide we will go to see what is the current working url of the portal in question. But we will not recommend its use. In fact, we do not intend in any way to encourage online piracy: the content that we will report below is intended for information purposes only.

We therefore assume no responsibility for a different use. Having said that, let's move on to the facts, happy reading!

CB01 Community

Let's first take an overview of this platform. CB01 Community is now a reference site. Born from the ashes of Cineblog01, today it is one of the best sites to watch movies in streaming in Italian or with subtitles. Its catalog is endless: more than 20 thousand HD films are present in it.

A bit like many other sites of this type (a similar example is that of High definition), the portal in question was obscured several times, but at each closure there was an immediate reopening, characterized by a new domain url but with a practically identical site structure.

CB01 community new address

CB01 Community provides a fairly intuitive site. Once connected to the home page, it will be possible to select films and TV series by genre, year, country or scroll through the list of films by clicking on “Films in List”. Once you have chosen the content to watch, just scroll down until you see the word "Watch the full movie in HD".

Here you will be able to see the presence of other channels where you can watch the movie without downloading anything, namely Mixdrop HD, Akvideo HD and others. All you have to do is press the “Play” button and close all advertisements that will open through other windows. The commercials are many: they will come out every time you pause the film or go ahead.

CB01 Community new address

At the time of this writing, the CB01 Community new address to consider is cb01.marketing. To connect to its home page, simply copy the url address on the web search bar of the browser you usually use and then press Enter.

In a few moments you will be directed to the portal home page, where you can watch all the movies you want. Until the next closing. In fact, the advice we give you is to constantly monitor this guide and put it among your "Favorites": we will constantly update it where there are new working url.

Among other things, on the web there are real clones similar to the site we have indicated to you. To stay up to date, in addition to our help, you can consult this site: cb01official.community. Here the CB01 community will give you all the news regarding site closures and reopening.

Very well, at this point you should have a clearer idea of ​​how CB01 community works and which address is currently working. We would like to reiterate, before saying goodbye, that this article is not intended to encourage online piracy in any way, and is intended for illustrative purposes only. And among other things, we generally advise against these sites: they are full of advertisements and in some cases they hide viruses and malware within them. Better to rely on 100% legal portals, such as Netflix and Prime Video.

We just have to give you an appointment at the next one, hoping that this in-depth analysis could really have been useful to dispel all your doubts. Soon!

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