Bluetooth certification for wireless headphones: Oppo Enco Free coming soon?

Immediately after Christmas Oppo wanted to impress all users with its first wireless non-smartphone product. We are talking about his headphones TWS Oppo Enco Free, those with thebest audio in the world. True wireless headphones is a booming market, even the Chinese giant wanted to put its foot in it, burning all the others thanks to the quality level of the product presented. However, if we are sure that these are, on paper, the best in circulation, on the other hand we cannot yet prove the veracity of this fact. Between poco yes, since it seems that they are also coming to us since they have received the bluetooth certification SIG.

Bluetooth certification for wireless headphones: Oppo Enco Free coming soon?

This certification dates back to only two days ago and it appears that of the wireless headphones have been certified by the responsible body. In reality we do not know if these are the "indicted" ones but all in all it would seem so, given that the brand has made few of wireless headphones. The Oppo Enco Q1 they are the first, characterized however by a bow to prevent them from falling. The Enco free instead I'm the latest model, completely free of any cable.

oppo bluetooth headphones certification

The newly certified model responds to code name "ETI02" and according to the certification it supports the 5.0 Bluetooth technology. Unfortunately we are not given any further information about it since we cannot access the complete archive. However, we are sure that Oppo will not follow the line of many other brands

who prefer to release one myriad of headphones poco different from each other, simply to create number and variety. According to the philosophy of the brand, and the Oppo Enco Free headphones are proof of this, it is better to launch a product of the highest quality but at medium to long term intervals. Same goes for smartphones: theOppo Reno 3 and its Pro variant they arrived on the (Chinese) market with a detachment of almost 10 months compared to the predecessor Reno 2. This is symptomatic of the company's desire to give poco but good. A little to OnePlus.

In any case, do you think this bluetooth certification concerns the Oppo Enco Free or another model of headphones?


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