Guide: how to customize icons in Realme UI

Da poco we have seen how several Realme smartphones are receiving the long-awaited Real UI. Despite some problems, mainly audio, that the custom skin has generally brought no one is complaining, indeed. This new interface is experiencing a great success in users, who classify it as simple, intuitive and poco heavy. Given its intuitiveness we decided to make a short guide to make it more beautiful to the eye here is one guide to customize icons in Realme UI (as well as in ColorOS 7) in four simple steps.

Here's how to customize the size and shape of icons in the Realme UI interface and in ColorOS 7

Obviously, for granted, your device must already be updated to the two custom skins mentioned above. Once you have the Realme device updated, all you have to do is go to "Settings". Here we will have to go to the option “Home page and lock screen”Which you will find immediately after the“ Status bar and notifications ”option. After clicking on this option you will see a screen like the one in the photo on the right. At this point you will simply have to tap on the wording “Set the style of the icons"Which appears under" Set themes "and" Set wallpaper ".

At this point it will only be necessary choose which of the three styles to apply or whether to use one made by us, with style and size of the icons chosen by us. In particular, in the first case we will be able to choose between three styles: “default“, That is what we already have; "Material style", Or more similar to that of Google icons which allow (in my personal opinion) to identify the application we are looking for more quickly; "Pebble

", Or characterized by square icons but with oval corners: this type of style is a hybrid of the first two for those who want a middle ground.

the third option, as we said, is the complete customization of icons on Realme UI. Thanks to this option, activated by clicking on “Use graphics + icons”Above, it will be possible to change the shape, foreground and icon. With the first option it will be possible to choose between four different options: square, octagonal, oval e the hybrid between square and oval. In case you opt for the square, you will also have the opportunity to choose whether to round the corners or not.

With the second option you will be able to choose the foreground size of the icon. For example when we scroll left or right we will be able to see more or less large icons.

Finally, with the third option it will be possible increase or decrease the overall size of the icon, unlike the previous option. So we can view it more or less large as needed.



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