Coronavirus: OPPO will employ its workforce to produce hygiene masks

The drama that China is experiencing due to the epidemic generated by the Coronavirus is affecting all sectors of industry, including the technological one. Each company has to deal with the difficulties generated by the situation but at the same time the "Darwin effect" has meant that everyone has found solutions to help their fellow citizens and their government to recover or at least alleviate the damage. We have witnessed charity works with the donation of huge amounts of money, aimed at the purchase of medical material, but also "smart" solutions, such as the release of a virtual map in which to monitor the progress of the virus etc ..

In any case, the health emergency has raised the demand for hygiene masks that seem to never be enough, so much so that it is now almost impossible to find them in circulation. Hence OPPO has decided to roll up its sleeves and given the "block" of work in the technological sector, has decided to employ its workers for the production of hygiene masks, in the hope that other companies will also follow their example.

Coronavirus: OPPO will employ its workforce to produce hygiene masks


OPPO has the issue of social assistance very much at heart, in fact recently it has donated 30 million yuan to the charity Federation of Wuhan for the prevention of pneumonia resulting from the Coronavirus epidemic, and now wants to make its workforce and experience available. Among other initiatives, we would like to point out that OPPO in China has decided to extend the warranty for its products, since it is currently not possible to go or send devices for assistance. However, all the initiatives of the Chinese company can be consulted on their own Weibo profile


We wish all our Chinese friends to get out of this situation as soon as possible, which will perhaps make them even stronger than before.

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