Seized $ 400.000 of Apple AirPods, but they were actually OnePlus Buds

26 September 2020 05: 18
Updated on: 26 September 2020 05:18

A story that is unbelievable the one that took place a little while ago in the United States. We know how the counterfeit product market is essential for many counterfeiters and how they manage to earn disproportionate amounts thanks to more or less functioning clones. The Apple AirPods are among the true wireless headphones most popular in this sense and in fact they are the ones that, in absolute, count more clones. Now, it is true that they are the most imitated headphones but not even to mistake them for competition headphones, or the OnePlus Buds. This is exactly what happened on August 31 at the JFK airport in New York.

Apple Air Pods mistaken for clones, but in reality they were "real" OnePlus Buds: veiled message or just a mistake from customs?

What happened? On a flight coming from Hong Kong pallets full of merchandise were caught which, at first glance, seemed counterfeit. In particular, there were true wireless headphones like the ones you see in the photos below. It is about the OnePlus Buds, the TWS headphones of the homonymous brand. So far so good were it not that the customs officers have mistaken them for counterfeit clones of Apple Air Pods.

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What according to the authorities could "hurt the US economy”Are actually real headphones (from what was revealed later) of OnePlus. It would not therefore be a question not even counterfeit goods from the same company. So neither clones of AirPods nor of the homonymous Buds. This is a small gaffe that costs the competent (or incompetent) body a considerable damage to its image. Needless to say, the criticisms have gradually been made so crude that there are two hypotheses: it is an error as we think or of the criticism of OnePlus headphones? These like many other headphones of the same kind have one similarity "Uncanny" with those of Apple. Who knows, the fact is that the market would really need an update.

Source | CBP

Via | The Verge

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