DJI Air 2S with improved camera sensor in new images

It's only been a month since DJI unveiled its FPV drone, perhaps one of the most interesting products it has launched in recent months. However, another drone may be around the corner. Like last year's DJI Mini 2, it appears the company is slowly retiring its “Mavic” branding. This DJI Air 2S it is in fact a close relative who, despite the name represents a rather important leap in terms of specifications and features, making it almost worthy of being a DJI Air 3 instead. But let's see the features.

DJI Air 2S will be the next "robot with wings" of the company of the same name: from its a much better camera than before

In terms of design, the DJI Air 2S (appeared TechnikNews for the first time) on looks like a variant of last year's Mavic Air 2. Four rotors which allow the drone to fly at a speed of 19 meters per second, just like its predecessor. There are many similar software features, such as Spotlight 2.0, Point of Interest 3.0, and ActiveTrack 4.0.

The biggest update, however, is undoubtedly in the photo sensor. The presence of a large 1 ″ sensor with 20 megapixel resolution, compared to the 1-megapixel 2/48 ″ CMOS on the Mavic Air 2. Although it is a lower resolution than the previous model, its larger physical dimensions should have great benefits in terms of performance, especially in low light conditions. There battery remains at 3.500 mAh like the other model even if the weight increases there 60 g.

If the relationships di DroneDJ are accurate, the Dji Air 2S it should also work with DJI's new V2 goggles and motion controllers, released alongside its FPV drone last month. Compatibility with goggles would allow you to fly the drone from a first-person perspective, in addition to normal flight using the app. Sure, acrobatic flights will not be allowed because of the weight, but undoubtedly improvements in terms of performance await us.

Via | The Verge

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