This electric scooter looks like Batman's and is for off-roading

We are talking about scooters electrical. Alternative mobility is what it takes to reduce environmental pollution but also to save a little on the cost of fuel. This is valid if we do not use a scooter with excessive consumption like the Dragonfly Hyperscooter. This is a truly exceptional mobility device that is not designed for the road, however, but for the off-road. Let's go see the details together.

This absurd electric scooter is called Dragonfly Hyperscooter and is designed for off-roading: $ 3000 and the fear passes

The British company Dragonfly issued a four wheel electric scooter Hyperscooter with a number of interesting features. It is equipped with an advanced braking system and a body made of fiber di carbon, and is also available in a “pimped” off-road version. Dragonfly Hyperscooter weighs 18 kilograms and accelerates up to 40 km / h. It is equipped with two motors from 550W with a peak power of 1650W. The particularity of the model lies in the unusual four-wheel layout. 

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The suspension is represented by adjustable wishbones and the frame is a carbon fiber platform. The scooter is equipped with a swiveling front and rear axle for greater steering capacity: on the other hand, if one wants to drift

can also do it with a scooter. The Dragonfly on-board computer delivers 3 speed modes: up to 16, 24 and 40 km / h while the corresponding information is displayed on a display by 3.5 ". The user can also control the lighting and navigation through, view the power reserve, distance traveled and other information. 

dragonfly electric scooter

The battery charge is sufficient for 80 km and the full charging time is 3 hours. There are two versions of the electric scooter to choose from: urban e off-road. The former has smooth tires and a narrow frame, the latter has a more aggressive design and is equipped with drift tires. It is already available for pre-order on the manufacturer's website at the price of $ 2720 e $ 3265 respectively for the basic and off-road version.

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