The highest AnTuTu score in the world belongs to a Realme with Snapdragon 865

Nowadays many users rely on numbers to buy a smartphone. Although some have no need for a war machine in hand, this is the reality. We have always claimed that an excellent device is not evaluated by benchmark scores but from the use made of it. However, it is also true that if you do score exceeds 500.000 points the ears rise and the attention is a thousand. This is the case with a mysterious smartphone Realme with processor Snapdragon 865 which earns the top of the ranking AnTuTu, dethroning (the alleged) Xiaomi Mi 10. We find out from the well-known site Android Authority.

The highest AnTuTu score in the world belongs to a Realme with Snapdragon 865

That's right: the score of the future Xiaomi Mi 10, which was unveiled in mid-December last year, has been surpassed by quite a few points. Precisely 14.193. But will this difference really be worth anything? In our opinion, yes, but not much. After all, as already said, the difference makes it like a user uses their device or the speed of the same, but in any case the latter characteristic does not change our life.

realme snapdragon 865

The mysterious Realme device with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 scored well 574.985 points, thus earning the first place in the global ranking. Based on the latest brand statements, this device should be submitted to MWC next month. Realme has indeed plans for Monday 24 February at 10:00

a launch event for “5G products", Where we expect to see the called device RMX2071 that we see in the picture.

The Android Authority team has admitted that many have tried to "tamper" with these numbers and therefore apps have been designed by them to avoid these problems. Despite this, during the test to elect the best smartphone of 2019, the team found that Realme X2 Pro has achieved a monstrous score. This is to say that the brand is working like no other before to bring not only smartphones, in addition to other products, with the right value for money, but above all devices destined to remain in the annals of the more powerful smartphones.

Realme X50 5G

That said, many users and non-users assume that the device in question is a Realme X50. The question arises: but he didn't have another processor, precisely Snapdragon 765G? Yes, however rumors suggest that this terminal will arrive in Europe with a completely different processor. Sara Snapdragon 865 to be mounted under the body?



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