This is how the Vivo X50 Pro Gimbal Camera is made

The Vivo X50 Pro represents the next milestone for the Chinese manufacturer in the smartphone sector, with the official debut announced for the beginning of June. Its main feature is linked to the photographic sector, whose main sensor Samsung GN1 50MP will be accompanied by an impressive optical stabilization system that promises performance similar to a gimbal.

This is how the Vivo X50 Pro Gimbal Camera is made

The company has recently released new details on this system, also publishing explanatory videos of the technology used, called "Micro Cloud". This advanced stabilization system of Vivo X50 Pro integrates a two-ball mechanical suspension that allows the sensor to move up to +/- 3º, a value three times greater than that achieved by traditional systems. All the OIS systems we are used to move on the horizontal and vertical axis while the Vivo Micro Cloud system camera is also able to rotate on its pivot, with a more 360 ​​° movement.

With this complexity, we are faced with the largest sensor ever seen on a smartphone, with a space occupied not less than 363 mm², which has a thickness of 4,5 mm. Details that take second place in relation to the impressive results, which go far beyond those offered by the common standard OIS.

x50 pro

The manufacturer even compared the X50 Pro to the X30 Pro, revealing that the new device uses a special color filter which makes it capable of capturing 39% more light than its predecessor.

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