This is what Oppo's new “top of the range” hybrid headphones will be like

Oppo like many other telephony brands does not only produce mobile devices. Among the products that the Chinese giant presents from time to time we also find those dedicated to audiophiles. One of the last presented, for example, are headphones Oppo Enco Free. Excellent sound quality and a competitive price compared to rival brands. But apparently Oppo plans to present in the near future new flagship headphones if so we can say. A hybrid between the in-ear and those with the wand. Browse the archives WIPO we learned about it.

These will be Oppo's next "flaghship" headphones: a hybrid design between in-ear and headphones with a wand

To make these headphones special in addition to the signature of Oppo, or a smooth and clean design

, there is the presence of a wand, also called a cigarette, much shorter than normal. We are in fact used to seeing headphones with longer sticks, perhaps with integrated controls. This time the Chinese company has decided to to revolutionize products dedicated to music lovers.

They introduce themselves to black colour (as shown in the patent) but without a doubt they will also be made available in other colors. As we said earlier stick is decidedly small and this makes them a hybrid between the in-ear that are so fashionable and the classic with the stick. The headset itself is round with the grommet that comes out: this is one of the most sought after features in headphones today as it allows a better insulation from the outside.

We are led to think, however, that although they present themselves as top of the range headphones, are not equipped with touch controls. In fact, in the round part just above the stick there is a circle that does not seem to have any connection with a possible touch command. To suggest this there is the presence of a mike. We could be wrong and therefore the right part of this microphone may have been integrated into the sensor for touch controls.

It is a patent therefore it is impossible to say if and when Oppo will present these headphones. But I mean tell us yours: do you like them?

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