Here is the release date of Meizu 17, which is not April 22nd

For a few days now, after the event mSmart 5G of Meizu, it is said that tomorrow will be the day when the brand will officially launch Meizu 17. Unfortunately, due to a clear translation error, the news is not true. Actually the official poster with written on it April 22 did not refer to the submission date (the one in which a company is known to officially present its smartphone) but the date of sending the "participations" to the event. Ultimately tomorrow will be the day Meizu will announce the terminal's release date.

Okay, Meizu 17 won't be out on April 22nd. But how long then? Late, on May 8th

According to the latest poster that is shooting online, the official presentation date of Meizu 17 will be the8 Maggio 2020. Below you will find the teaser in question disclosed first of all by the well-known leaker Digital Chat Station. It is curious that the brand has not said a word about it.

meizu release date

In addition to confirming the design of the front of the smartphone, the poster mentions the days we have just told you. To remove any doubt are the last three characters on the right: these indicate the device launch press conference.

To further confirm that tomorrow will not be the decisive day, there is also the sales page dedicated to the TaoBao device

, one of the largest e-commerce in China. This, as you can see in the photo below, shows the date as the8st May. If two clues make a test, we can therefore say that next month we will be able to see officially Meizu 17.

But if you thought it was over, you are wrong. This launch is somewhat bizarre given that tomorrow, all the induced, will receive a 1.4 kg pack.

Some suggest that inside the package, in addition to the device to be previewed by bloggers, there is the famous one riot shield now become a symbol.

In short, the mysteries are many but at least that relating to the release date of Meizu 17 we solved it.

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