Here are the preview photos of the new Realme Buds Air Neo

Just a week ago we showed you how Realme, in a video, wanted to reveal the existence of a new product that is coming out. Despite the presentation of its first headphones Realm Buds Air occurred recently, it was immediately understood that the brand has another card in store: that of Realme Buds Air Neo. These unpublished TWS headphones are shrouded in mystery regarding specifications and price, fortunately we came into possession of photos from theNCC archive, which depict them. They are the same but different than the previous ones, but still always similar to AirPods.

Here are the preview photos of the new Realme Buds Air Neo

As usual, they present themselves with the unmistakable blue NCC background. As anticipated, we do not know anything about their specifications, although the official certification that you will find in the link in source. At the design level, however, we can find differences with what they are the first TWS headphones of the brand.

Le Realme Buds Air Neo

they come with a mid in-ear design like the previous version but basically the end of the rod and the shape of the cigarette change. In fact, in the first headphones of the brand, the standard ones, the final circular part is characterized by a mirror gray headband. In these instead this circle is absent. Having said that, the differences from the aesthetic point of view have ended.

Unfortunately, even looking at the certification it is not easy to understand what the features of these true wireless. We previously speculated that the name Neo indicated a weakened version: it could be so in fact. But if instead he was referring to one much more powerful version? Maybe equipped with more battery? We will see what the company has in store which has grown most of all in a few years. There will be fun with its products.


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