Here are the first photos of Realme 6i: five cameras and 18W charging

After giving much space to the last top of the range presented today, let's also give some space to the devices more affordable for everyone. We are talking about the king of low-cost mid-range Realm 6, for the precision of its less expensive but equally promising version Realme 6i. Today, for the first time, it has been immortalized on the FCC database: unfortunately, we know almost nothing about him, if not his appearance. Some of you will turn up your nose though: unfortunately no news regarding the design. It seems that we will have to resign ourselves to the fact that this will remain unchanged, at least for now. But let's see what the photographs tell us.

Realme 6i: the first shots tell us measurements, charging power and number of sensors

Starting from the back of the device (first photo at the top right) we see how the rear photographic compartment will be composed: almost surprisingly we find a vertical traffic light with four sensors. Stand out just how big the block is thin: maybe it's just an impression given that lately we are used to seeing huge "papagne". To accompany this quad cam training there is a single led flash on the right.

At the last sensor at the bottom, but more centralized, we find the sensore for reading fingerprints and therefore for unlocking the device, matching the color of Realme 6i.

Turning to the sides no news: two buttons (which correspond to the volume rocker) and a SIM trolley on the left side, while on the right side the on / off button. Nothing to write home about. On the front we have aa single cam that appears to be housed in a notch

: we do not put our hands on the fire, but we doubt that it is a hole on the display.

realm 6i

The strength of Realme 6i, which certainly is not the design, will certainly be the refill. As we see from the adapter that we will find in the sales box, this supports one power of recharge of 18W. For the range in which this device is placed, it is an excellent sign, since it is among the few to support this power. Another upgrade that we can see is HOW it will be loaded: from the photos above we see that the smartphone will be equipped with type-C and not of micro USB. In addition, according to the known Sudhanshu Ambhore, the device will arrive with a mammoth 5000 mAh battery.

As said, unfortunately that's all for now. Being part of the "i" series we do not count that the device will be a "beast" for performance, in fact, we say that will count more on the price. By virtue of this we also assume that it will hardly find a market in Europe.


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