Universal eSIM even for smartphones that do not support it

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Let's go back to talking about eSIM after seeing how in January Qualcomm introduced the SIM integrated in the processor. This would allow everyone to use the digital service without the need to use a physical trolley. An American company, however, is doing a similar thing by making the electronic SIM universal for all Android smartphones. Let's see how it is possible and how the service works.

One company proposes to make the eSIM universal for all Android smartphones, even those that don't yet support it

ESIM (electronic SIM) technology has been on the market for several years, but the number of smartphone models with its support is very small. The authors of the project eSIM.me have pledged to solve the problem by releasing a Physical SIM with an additional chip and a mobile application for its configuration.

universal esim for all android smartphones

The accessory includes the same hardware and software as the factory eSIM modules. Also, the same operating system Android

, starting from the ninth version, it has all the APIs necessary to work with electronic SIMs. As a result, the user has the opportunity to switch from one operator to another without the need to visit communication stores and purchase new SIM cards.

With the help of a mobile application proprietary also, you can manage multiple profiles at the same time, instantly switching between different numbers. Judging by the reviews on Google Play, the service works with different operators. The only caveat is the need to order a physical eSIM from the official website. His price starts at $ 24.95 depending on how many supported profiles the user needs.

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