Facebook (Meta) and its smartwatch with AR / VR screen and camera

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Facebook will present a smartwatch and that's for sure. The company, which is now called Meta, has in mind to expand its catalog also in the hardware field. If until now its services have remained, in fact, services such as social, this will not be the case in the future. The team of LetsGoDigital brings us a color patent of what may be the first (or even not) SmartWatch di Facebook. He presents it to us in an exciting way with a lot of screen e camera detachable.

Facebook's (Meta) project of its first smartwatch continues and here is one with a removable display and camera. Dream or reality?

The 24 Jun 2021, Facebook (currently operating under the name of Meta Platforms) has filed a patent with theWIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) for a “detachable camera lock for a wearable device”. The 49-page documentation was approved and published on January 13, 2022. They are described two models: the former has a square display while the latter has a round display. The functionality of both smartwatches is basically the same.

facebook smartwatch with detachable display and cameras

This is a smart watch with removable display and camera. However, there are more sensors on the device, between two and three. From the documentation we understand that they are used different types of goals, such as a macro lens, a telephoto lens, an optical zoom lens, or a wide angle lens. By using multiple lenses, the user can easily adjust the camera's field of view.

The Facebook smartwatch comes with a second display, with multiple cameras, with different types of lenses. The user can easily detach the screen from the housing which then stays on the user's wrist along with the strap. The display can be swapped but interesting too used for AR / VR / MR purposes. The screen is held in place by magnets. The round model display is configured to rotate.

facebook smartwatch with detachable display and cameras

The cameras can of course be used to take photos and videos.However, Facebook (Meta) has bigger plans. The reason for deploying multiple cameras is mainly due to possibility that this creates in the field of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. The pair of detachable smartwatch displays with built-in camera can also work together with other VR / AR systems, such as a head mounted display (HMD) or glasses Intelligent.

It seems that Meta wants to focus primarily on the possibilities AR and VR with his smartwatch. This also fits perfectly with the company's motto build a metaverse: a shared virtual world.

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