First hands on for Oppo Reno 3 Pro: photos and videos

A precise week is missing from the release of the new top of the Oppo range. L'Oppo reno 3 pro it is not only a candidate as the most beautiful smartphone of the year (let's not exaggerate, with those colors!) but also a direct rival of Redmi K30. Indeed, he shares a lot with him, including Qualcomm's new processor, lo Snapdragon 765G which allowed him to receive very high scores on AnTuTu benchmarks. However, if up to now we have been satisfied with simple photos, we can now make our eyes enjoy with a nice video hands on of the device in question. Directly from Weibo two users give us a preview of how the new Reno is held in hand but above all how large the rear photographic sector is.

First hands on for Oppo Reno 3 Pro: photos and videos

Oh yes, because unlike what it seemed in the photographs, the sensors take a good part of the body, in terms of width, of course. Don't worry about the thickness: ai 7.7 mm total (the lowest in the category) very few will be added if we also count the lenses.

We see in the clip how the device uses a design a curved screen on a resolution display Full HD + (2400 × 1080 pixels). As for the front panel, we know that an s will be integrated on itlatest generation fingerprint ensor but not only. It is official that the smartphone supports the display refresh rate at 90Hz

, a joy for the eyes as it gives fluid feedback like never before. Do not miss the perforated camera in the display, new fashion of all the latest generation devices.

Here are other live photographs.

The comprear photographic limb adopts a vertical traffic light arrangement consisting of four sensors. As we mentioned before, the whole block of sensors is bigger than expected. A little is due to positioning of the double LED flash that accompanies the cameras, a little to the writing “Ultra Steady". The latter is not a simple writing, but refers to the new one video optimization of the device: even in absolutely condition poco stable, the camera will be able to shoot video with unique stability. We showed it to you here .

For the rest we will find: NFC, wired charging a 30W and wireless VOOC 4.0, four different colors which become five with the standard version. Unfortunately the hole for the 3.5 mm audio jack is not included: an increasingly appreciated feature although less and less present. Did you expect anything else from this hands on Oppo Reno 3 Pro?

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