Fonzo Ark is the first Oppo lamp that eliminates viruses and bacteria

Maybe not everyone knows that too Oppo, as well as Xiaomi, has its own channel for crowdfunding. It is a platform managed by the company itself which provides fundraising for the financing of new products. However, these are not Oppo branded products, but those of its sub-brands. In this article we dealt with the OEM and ODM discussion with reference to OnePlus, but the story does not change for the other brands. Oppo also lends its channels to other companies and Fonzo it's one of them. Today the first crowdfunding product arrives and it is one lamp that eliminates viruses and bacteria from our home.

Fonzo Ark: a miniature lamp that allows you to eliminate the most common bacteria and viruses from our home

Also Xiaomi it has one: if you are interested you can go to the site and read all its features. The particularities of Fonzo Ark begin with the name. This is actually the name of the Oppo sub-brand company that relies on the latter for the sale of the products.

The lamp Fonzo Ark virus eliminator has a cylinder shape with four windows in the four cardinal points. Through them it is they are visible two lamps that emit UV rays for disinfection of common germs. Let's start with the measures: 120 x 246 mm, no more than one A4 sheet. A compact design that can only count on one conore, black. The UV lamps inside are clearly unscrewable and replaceable as needed while the material is a mixture of steel and PC hard plastic.

Speaking of disinfectant power, this virus eliminator lamp can count on several conformity certifications that we see in the image below. In terms of effectiveness it can eliminate the 99.99%

of the most common viruses and harmful bacteria that we find at home like E.Coli or Staphylococcus. To do this, use UVC rays which are notoriously used for room sterilization. The germicidal effect of these rays allows a disinfection almost at the highest levels because damages the "reproductive system" of bacteria and prevents its spread.

At a time like this when we are in shortage of masks, the Fonzo Ark lamp can be used for sterilize. It is also possible disinfect small rooms such as wardrobes and drawers, including clothing they contain. A smart feature of this lamp made in Oppo is the presence of a infrared sensor that controls the position of objects around her: when the sensor detects a person approaching, the lights UV switches off automatically. Similarly, when the person leaves, the lights come on independently.

They are also present three methods of disinfection: one for the bathroom, one for the dining room and one for the bedroom. What changes between one and the other is the duration of switching on the UV lights.

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As you have read, the product is in crowdfunding in China. This means that it is not yet available for us to purchase. As soon as it is, we will inform you!

Source | Oppo

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