Freeze and Chrome crash on OnePlus ... new problems for the brand's smartphones

Certainly this 2020 is not a lucky year for the OnePlus brand, which has had to keep up with a series of problems that have afflicted its devices, in particular the latest top of the range presented by the brand. In fact, we told you about the problems related to the display which in some cases were solved only with the change of the device, or of the tea privacy violated about the IR filter of the camera while today there seem to be conflicts between the OnePlus devices and the Chrome browser, victim of frequent crashes and freezes.

The reports come directly from the community of fans of the brand who report complaints about an exponential increase in phenomena such as freeze and crash of the Chrome application, underlining how the problem was already known since October, but without receiving any interest either from OnePlus who Google.


Freeze and Chrome crash on OnePlus ... new problems for the brand's smartphones

The originator of the problems appears to be associated with WebView, but the cause still remains poco clear if not unknown since the two brands have not given indications in this regard.

The only (temporary) solution for many users was to resort to alternative browsers, however making them remain anxious, as it is known that malfunctions of the WebView app could generate other problems with other applications installed on the smartphone. We hope that OnePlus will get to work soon for the release of a fix or at least to give an official answer to the problem, otherwise it could ruin the title of super-established brand in the release of updates and fixes in general.

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