Gartner: the global wearables market will grow by 20% in 2021

The analysis company Gartner he predicted that worldwide user spending on wearable devices will reach $ 81.5 billion this year. This means a del% increase 18.1 compared to 2020, where spending reached $ 69 billion. The growth was attributed toincreased remote work and increased interest in health monitoring. Wearables have in fact become an integral part of the life of technology-loving users. All the more so in a historical moment like this when health monitoring is a must.

Gartner's predictions for the wearables market are positive: 2021 will be a year of growth

Ranjit Atwal, director of research on wearables, said:

The introduction of health measures to independently track the symptoms of COVID-19, coupled with the growing interest of consumers in their personal health and well-being during global lockdowns, has represented a significant opportunity for the wearable device market. Headset devices and smartwatches are experiencing particularly robust growth as consumers rely on these devices for remote work, fitness activities, health monitoring


Ranjit Atwal, director of wearables research
gartner wearable
Credits: TechCrunch

According to the data collected by the market analysis company, in 2019 the total expenditure was $ 46.1 billion, in 2020 it was $ 69 billion and during this year it will increase again to reach i $ 93.8 billion next year. The agency revealed that smartwatches represented the most sought after product during 2019 while this year it was the turn of true wireless headphones.

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However, of the categories considered by Gardner (smartwatches, smart bands, headphones, smart clothing, here) the spending on smart bands is the lowest. The reasons could be many but the institution explains that one of the reasons for this decline is certainly the price drop of niche smartwatches, such as Apple Watch.

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