Google Maps evolves: it is now a Street View but in 3D | Video

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Google Maps it's no longer just an app for getting from place to place. It is increasingly turning into a digitized version of the real world. If once it was used only as a navigator, in the future it can be used to visit distant places thanks to the metaverse. Here, however, we are going to see the news announced by Google yesterday. In fact, the service has evolved and strengthened thanks to the use of satellites that allow filming and photos in 3D.

Google Maps becomes a Street View to the nth degree, using satellites for three-dimensional photos. Here are all the news of the case

Google unveiled its answer to Apple Maps with its 3D city models. The new immersive mode of Google Maps promises an immersive user experience, which allows you to see what a place looks like on a map in real life during the day. Google has combined billions of photographs using one combination of machine vision and artificial intelligence to create the “presence effect”. In essence, the company created a hybrid between Street View and satellite imagery. 

It is noteworthy that such city panoramas can even roughly view the weather conditions

and current traffic and various objects literally come to life. This creates the sensation of transmitting reality in real time, precisely. With the help of a special cursor, we will be able to see how a certain place looks at different times of the day.

google maps

The new Google Maps feature will focus on all kinds of attractions, restaurants and other places of interest. The company claims that in a similar way it will be possible “Look” inside different places. To do this, we will have to go down to street level and then select the building of interest. Obviously, for this, the company will have to upload additional data in advance are Google Maps

Google Maps' immersive map mode will be available later this year and will initially cover several major cities starting with Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco e Tokyo, with further expansion of this list in the coming months.

Via | The Verge

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