Google Pixel 5: how to disable the blinking LED on the status bar

With the new full-screen smartphones, we are less and less used to the so-called "stripes" at the top and bottom of the screen. Devices like Xiaomi Mi 5 or Xiaomi Mi 6 now they don't make it anymore and the need for a notch is less and less requested. Unfortunately, even new generation smartphones have annoying in the ones we are going to see on Google Pixel 5. This device despite not having a central notch, has a led right in the center of the screen at the top. It is the proximity sensor which apparently stays on on some drives. Here's how to fix.

The proximity sensor on Google Pixel 5 stays on: here's how to turn it off once and for all

To determine if the display is close to the ear during calls, mobile devices are equipped with a proximity sensor. This is very often inflexible while other times like on Google Pixel 5, stay on. Unfortunately, this is a system bug that has reportedly already reached the ears of the developers.

When restoring from a backup, some devices are experiencing problems where the proximity sensor, or the "flashing dot", may be visible on the home screen and in applications. To eliminate this little Annoying LED

(among other things it is also decentralized) the team of 9to5google has created a short video guide.

How to disable blinking dot

  • going up "Settings”>“Hand Gestures”>“Flip for Shh"
  • disable this option and the flashing dot should no longer be there

Unfortunately this solution is a palliative: by doing so you will not enter "Do Not Disturb" mode which instead to be used must be reactivated manually. For the moment this is the only solution to the problem caused (it seems) by Google Assistant. It is his fault for this annoying flashing dot on the status bar.

While waiting for the problem to be solved by updating you can put a patch with this simple guide. Alternatively, if the problem persists, it is It is advisable to reset the device by configuring it as a new device: remember that the problem seems to arise when restoring an old backup.

Source | 9to5google

14 April 2021 19: 18
Updated on: April 14, 2021 19:18
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