The Pixel 6a's cameras are on par with the iPhone 13 but the display screams for help

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Il Google Pixel 6a it is the cheapest version of the "research giant", but that does not mean that it cannot rival the most renowned devices. To test him, DxOMark has done camera test and the screen proving that it is still capable of competing with Apple and Samsung flagships, for example. But let's go see the details of the reviews, because there are interesting ideas.

DxOMark has evaluated the display and cameras of Google Pixel 6a, the new “little one” of the house. In the first case bad, in the second very well

The DxOMark portal rated the dual camera of the Google Pixel 6a in the "Gold"With 130 points and its screen in the category"Silver”With 86 points, reiterating that Google has reduced the cost of the phone to offer it at more competitive prices. But let's start from cameras. DxOMark assigned an overall score of 130 to the Pixel 6a's dual cameras. This means that, despite the cuts, the device is next to the iPhone 13 e to the iPhone 13 Mini. In addition, the device is capable of surpass the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus, with 126 points.

According to DxOMark testers, the Pixel 6a delivers excellent photo and video quality in its price range, producing images with faithful colors and good exposure, as well as advantageous dynamic range in environments with good lighting. Furthermore, the stabilization octave allows videos to be smooth and almost flicker-free.

On the other hand, there is a lot of room to improve the zoom. Like the standard model, the Pixel 6a it does not have a telephoto lens for optical zoom

and its 12-megapixel main sensor alone makes it difficult to preserve detail. A certain level of noise can be perceived in all lighting conditions. Another detail that prevents high scores for the Pixel 6a is the absence of a preview of the bokeh effect (portrait mode) before taking a picture. 

pixel 6th display evaluation

Let's move on to the screen now. The screen of the Google Pixel 6a is heavily influenced by the cost savings, especially compared to the standard model. With an overall rating of 86, the device delivers “well-balanced performance, with good color rendering and readability“, According to DxOMark. The brightness may not be sufficient in the sunlight and compromise the display view. Also there touch accuracy is evident and considered a boon for gaming, although its refresh rate is reduced from 90Hz (as per the Pixel 6) to 60Hz.

The multimedia experience does not improve the reputation of the display. In this scenario, once again, the brightness is insufficient. Importantly, the Pixel 6a's screen uses the same OLED technology as the Pixel 6 resulting in its overall score of 87. However, the device has matched with iPhone SE 2022 e Oppo reno 6 pro.

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as of 13 August 2022 18:18
Updated August 13, 2022 18:18 am
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