Green screen on OnePlus 8 Pro? The company is on the move to resolve

A few days ago OnePlus presented its new devices to the whole world OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. As you know, the quality of the brand's machines is unquestionable but all that glitters is not gold. In fact, despite the display of devices is one of the best in the world (“indistinguishable from perfection"According to Display Mate), still suffers from some youthful mistake. This is demonstrated by the reports of users on the official blog. In the last few days there are many posts from those who complain green screen problems. Let's see the details.

OnePlus 8 Pro suffers from display problems: in particular this turns green in certain conditions. But the brand is already at work

From what emerges from the reports on the OP official site, several users are having trouble with this problem. Here are some pictures taken directly from the forum.

oneplus 8 pro green screen
From left: OnePlus 8 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

As we can see from the shot, the two smartphones (different in software and hardware) also have different screens. OnePlus 8 Pro suffers from an unpleasant green screen while the other is not. This problem doesn't only occur in dark environments: although you notice less, even in bright environments the display takes on this color. A user tried to solve it like this:

DC dimmer activation: Useful - OnePlus Laboratory - DC dimmer - On

Unfortunately he was unable to resolve and he thought about a return. The brand immediately made itself heard and communicated that is investigating on this problem which, unfortunately or fortunately, afflicts a very limited number of devices.

oneplus 8 pro green screen

It is currently unclear whether the problem is due ONLY to the software or hardware side. What we do know is that long ago, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra suffered from the same problem and a software update was enough to correct it. Meanwhile OpePlus has said that according to her, via an update via OTA, the problem should be solved. It will be his responsibility to launch it as quickly as possible.

Source | OnePlus Forum

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