Honor X10: Over 300 million Yuan spent on R&D

Huawei Xi'an Research Institute's Honor Rui Technology 5G Lab has just been officially presented. Zheng Zheng, the vice president of Huawei's mobile phone product line, said that Huawei's and Honor's 5G lab is part of the brand's long-term investments. Subsequently declaring that the now next Honor X10 has been tested and designed inside the laboratory with a cost of over 300 million yuan, or more than 39 million euros.

Honor X10: More than 300Mln of Yuan spent on R&D

Honor X10

According to official reports, construction of the Honor Rui Technology 5G lab began about two years ago. At the moment, the Honor Rui Technology 5G Lab therefore has several tests of the 5G communication protocol, which can simulate user usage scenarios. At the same time, the laboratory also carries out the research task on the future of 5G technology and uses the results of the research to help Honor products always remain at the forefront of the 5G field.

Honor X10

In any case, the Honor X10 that will be released on May 20 has accumulated over 500.000 hours of connection tests and over 250.000 hours in phone calls. These would be the reasons why Honor spent over 300 million yuan on testing.

Finally, Zheng Zheng said he was very confident that Honor X10 sales will exceed 10 million units. Adding that the smartphone will become one of the most interesting 5G options on the market.

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