How to activate Telegram Premium on Android

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Premium Telegram has finally arrived. There is a lot of news and, fortunately, the activation of the paid service is not mandatory. In fact, through it, it is possible to have extras, extra things, that standard users cannot have. Among the main innovations: volume of transferred files increased from 2 to 4 GB; increase download speed; text transcriptions of voice messages; disabling of ads. All nice, but how to activate Telegram Premium on Android? We show it to you.

How do i subscribe to Telegram Premium? Here is a simple guide to activate the new service at a cost of € 5.99 on Android

Activating Telegram Premium is very easy. Here we see as is done on Android, although for iOS it's just as simple. Below are the images that will guide you step by step in subscribing to the service.

  • the first step is to go to the application settings: tap the menu at the top left and tap the option Settings
    (first photo on the left)
  • later, scrolling down, we will find the option Premium Telegram (second photo on the left) highlighted with a purple star: touch it and the subscription menu will open
  • in this menu (second photo from the right) all the news of the service we are going to buy will be summarized in brief points. Eventually, at the bottom, there will be a purple button which will allow the purchase or rather, the monthly subscription to Telegram Premium for 5.99 € on Android
  • once you touch the button, the canonical menu of the Play Store will open (last photo on the right) where we can choose the payment method and see how many Play Store points we are entitled to each month by purchasing the subscription

We will have thus purchased the subscription to the instant messaging service. For more information, please refer to Official site.

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