Having FaceID on Android is possible. Indeed, we will soon be able to use it

Il facial recognition it is certainly a practical function even if some Android users do not digest what is available on the devices. On the contrary instead, the (almost) infallible FaceID it is very envied and Apple users are very proud of it. But what if we told you that thanks to Qualcomm and TrinamiX also the Android smartphone will they be able to use it? We explain how

How to have FaceID on Android? Unfortunately older smartphones can't, but in the future it will be possible thanks to Qualcomm and TrinamiX

The event Snapdragon Tech Summit it will not be remembered just for the presentation of the processor Snapdragon 8 Gen2. TrinamiX, ​​in collaboration with Qualcomm, has introduced an equally interesting novelty: an "invisible" module for face recognition and smartphone unlocking. A sort of FaceID for Android devices. Trinamix's sensor development is designed for i OLED display and is placed under the screen. The form is based on a camera a infrared. Its dimensions allow the module to be placed under the screen of modern thin smartphones, and the optical characteristics are sufficient for face recognition through the display.

faceid also on android

During the presentation, the company has placed particular emphasis on safety. The TrinamiX FaceID-like module drivers they work with processors in Qualcomm's Trusted Execution Environment. According to the manufacturer, the system protects biometric data from unauthorized loss and modification. The company also said that the security of mobile payments through the module is certified by FIDO Alliance, Android Biometric Security and IIFAA. So yes, you can pay thanks to facial recognition

: NFC is now a thing of the past.

But at the software level? TrinamiX also intends to supply the software and not just the camera sensor. As a result, manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Oppo, realme, vivo, OnePlus and company will not have to invest in adapting the solution for their smartphones. Another advantage of TrinamiX's unlock module is the new design possibility that opens up to manufacturers after integrating the module into the screen. For example, with the help of him, the island ”of the iPhone 14 Pro can be halved (remember that it can also be used on Android).

Unfortunately, it is not yet known when TrinamiX solutions will appear on smartphones or other devices.

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