The photographic sector of Motorola Edge 20 Pro does not conquer DxOMark

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Experts from DxOMark they had not yet expressed themselves on the top of the range Motorola Edge 20 Pro, but now the official examination of the team has arrived on the flagship smartphone of the American house. And the results are actually not that flattering. Let's find out more details.

DxOMark postpones Motorola Edge 20 Pro: the score is not the best

As we said, certainly not exciting results: the final overall score of Motorola Edge 20 Pro is 105 points, with 109 points obtained on the photo segment, 49 on Zoom and 96 on Video. According to DxOMark's judgment criteria, some competing devices and even products competing in other market segments passed by the evaluation agency's labs fared better.

Despite the impressive sensor specs, the Motorola Edge 20 Pro scores just 105 points. The score places it near the bottom of the ranking of premium smartphones - writes DxOMark among the conclusions of the test.

In particular, the device records good performance when there is light, despite one "Limited dynamic range in the most demanding scenes, when there is a strong contrast between the lights". Simulated bokeh photos are beautiful, but the real Achilles heel of this smartphone is the night shots. Images in the dark are on average underexposed and with noticeable noise.

Not convincing is also the ultra-wide angle lens: the detail is low and the field of view is also narrower than most of the competition. As for the periscope telephoto lens with 5x zoom, here we are a little more. The videos are bad, especially because of the noise noticeable when the light goes out.

Updated on: 28 November 2021 04:18
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