The Chinese smartphone market is down in 2019: catastrophic forecasts for 2020 due to the Coronavirus

We have already dealt with the topic of Coronavirus and the negative effects that are gradually arriving on the whole Chinese and world economy. Unfortunately, we have to resume the discussion since an authoritative source such as IDC published its report on the trend of the smartphone market in China, for the year just ended. According to the analyzes, the smartphone market in China has decreased by 7,5% compared to 2018, marking a decline of almost four consecutive years ..

Only in the fourth quarter of 2019, shipments decreased by 15,6% on an annual basis, a period in which only Huawei and Apple were able to maintain positive data, even if analyzing the entire year it is only Huawei that keeps the value high. of growth, marking a value of + 33,9%. A sensational figure, considering the ban in the USA which, on the other hand, in other markets had a significant negative impact on shipments and on the growth of the company. OPPO in the IDC analysis unfortunately does not bring home good results, totaling negative double-digit values ​​both for shipments in Q4 2019 and for the actual annual growth.

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The Chinese smartphone market is down in 2019: catastrophic forecasts for 2020 due to the Coronavirus

The IDC report highlights the strong performance of Huawei Mate 30 Pro and the new IQOO brand, belonging to Vivo, as the main driving factors for general market performance, while the price containment strategy and therefore more competitive, by Apple has meant that the American company recovered in the last tranche of the past year.


But these data were referring to the end of 2019 and now with the advent of the Coronavirus epidemic and the damage it is causing to the Chinese general economy, IDC analysts say that the future of the smartphone market globally will not be rosy. The sales services will therefore be questioned also because of the physical blocks related to shipping, as well as the fear of buying products from China. According to IDC estimates, the negative effect on sales will rebound until mid-2020, therefore mobile phone companies will have to invent something truly amazing if they do not want to end 2020 too negatively. Just think that all the smaller Chinese brands closed the year with a loss of -51,2%, a figure that almost makes you shudder if we think about how many companies try their hand at selling smartphones that often deserve to remain on the shelves of online stores .

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