Modding is a breeze with OPPO Toolbox

I have to be honest with you, modding for OPPO and Realme smartphones is still a dark world with which I want to approach just like I did with Xiaomi devices, although today the need to tinker with your smartphone is less impressive than in the past. The fact is that some smallness at the software level could be improved and therefore how to do it if the company does not release the coveted update?

It is in these cases that modding comes to the rescue, even better if to make things easier we think of a tool made by people more experienced than us, who put in place all their experience to facilitate us "dummies" operations that would require a some software knowledge. From today, all owners of OPPO smartphones will be able to use the OPPO Toolbox, a tool available for both Windows and Mac OS computers, developed by the moderator of the Telegram group OPPO Italy.

OPPO Toolbox allows you to access various settings, such as activating / deactivating Dark Mode, modifying system animations with customizable speeds such as 0.75 and uninstalling system apps without the need for root.

The staff does not assume responsibility for any problems with users' devices and that certain procedures must always be carried out with awareness and awareness of possible risks.

oppo toolbox

Moding is a breeze with OPPO Toolbox


The program is still under development and today a new version has been released which, compared to the previous one, no longer requires the presence of ADB drivers on the computer and also some known bugs with Windows seem to have been optimized. To use OPPO Toolbox all you have to do is download the program (using the buttons below) and launch it. Although the new version no longer requires ADB, we still conisgliamo to enable USB debugging on your OPPO smartphone as well as the setting "Disable authorization monitoring" in the developer options.

OPPO Toolbox for Windows

OPPO Toolbox for Mac OS

As already mentioned, OPPO Toolbox is still in its "embryonic phase" but the good Lorenzo, moderator of the Telegram OPPO Italia group (find the link to the group by downloading the tool), is banging daily to make this useful tool perfect. So if you want to give feebacks, recommend them or simply support his work, you can join the group.

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