Insta360 Link is the gesture control webcam you didn't know you wanted

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Insta360 presented one of the most versatile webcams on the market called Link. It is equipped with a gimbal three-axis, supports recording 4K video and gesture control and he also knows how to "keep" the user in focus and in the frame. In short, a product that, although at a high price, has an interesting amount of features and functionality for the average-expert user. Let's go and see them technical and features.

Insta360 Link is the new super advanced webcam from the company of the same name, with 4K resolution and gesture control. What kind of bowler hat is it?

Insta360 Link is equipped with a wide 1/2 inch sens

which supports 4K video recording at 30fps or 1080p at 60fps. The presence ofautofocus phase detection allows the camera to precisely focus on objects in the frame. For example, you can show something in the foreground of the background. The webcam is equipped with a 26mm wide angle lens with f / 1.8 aperture, which improves image quality in low light conditions, and mode HDR avoid lights and dips in the shade.

Like all thick webcams, this one too can be mounted on a laptop or monitor display, or mounted on a tripod using a classic threaded support. The main eye design allows you to rotate it by 90 degrees for shooting in portrait orientation. With the companion application, you can activate the mode of table shooting so that the camera "looks down" downward.

Ideal for online, bloggers and more, there is one tracking function. How does it work? To activate this mode, simply hold an open palm in front of the lens for a short time, then the camera will keep the person in the center of the frame, even if it moves around the room. There are also special gestures for the zoom control.

When a blackboard with writing is detected, for example, Insta360 Link can automatically focus on it, showing it in full screen. The presence of two microphones guarantees the functioning of the function noise reduction. The Insta360 Link webcam also has a privacy mode: when it does not turn off due to inactivity, it automatically lowers the lens.

On the leader's official website, Insta360 Link is available for purchase a 369.99 €. The set with a branded tripod will cost 404.99 €.

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