Artificial Intelligence: Italy launches its national strategy

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Artificial intelligence: for some a godsend, for others a threat. A growing sector that of AI, which, however, is not without criticism in many respects. Those ethical, for example: there are those who say that it will be so developed as to subvert "the natural order of things", so that man has control over machines. But there are also those who think it is useful ... and indeed it is. Also Italy he wants to keep up with other countries and that is why he has presented yesterday il Strategic Program for Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2022-2024. Let's see what it is.

Artificial intelligence will be essential to complete those tasks that until now we have completed on our own. Here is the national plan that Italy has just presented

Presented some time ago and approved today, the Council of Ministers presents what it is called Strategic Program for Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2022-2024. It is a planning document you can find on official website of the Government, who proposes a series of steps for the modernization of our country. AI is the key to this. Specifically, they will be implemented over the next two years 24 policies capable of developing AI in Italy. All through the creation and enhancement of skills, research, development programs and applications.

artificial intelligence: the plan of italy

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The plan is completely in line with the European strategy. According to the Minister of Economic Development Giorgietti, the two-year program aims to:

Bridging the delay in the development and adoption of innovative solutions in this technological field, giving new impetus to the digital transition of our production system ". Artificial Intelligence is the tool with which our country wants to strengthen the interaction between research centers and businesses in the coming years, in order to create the conditions for development based on the capacity for innovation.

Vittorio Colao, Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition then added:

The program is the basis for launching concrete programs and investments to make Italy competitive internationally and with a more efficient public system

. Acceleration programs for start-ups that propose innovative solutions for public administrations and ad hoc initiatives to significantly raise the quality of public processes and services and improve the citizen-state relationship. On this point we will work in concert with the Minister for Public Administration also using investments in the Innovation Fund

The choice is therefore motivated by the need to bring Italy to the same level as other European countries. Everything is in the will area of policy, but this is not the place to discuss the political aspects of the affair.

Positive repercussions also for teaching and the new generations

A positive aspect, as we read on the official website, is the one that would have repercussions positive also in scope academic. In fact, it will aim at the creation of new ones professorships research on AI, to promote projects to encourage the return to Italy of professionals in the sector, to finance platforms for sharing data and software at a national level.

But who will watch over all the work e who will check that these policies are implemented? To ensure effective governance, to monitor the state of implementation of the strategy and to coordinate all government initiatives on the subject, the Permanent Working Group on AI within the Interministerial Committee for Digital Transition.

In our opinion, however, one of the most important policies, together with the one aimed at teaching improvement and enhancement, is that dedicated to public administration. One of the areas of interest concerns policies aimed at expanding theapplication of AI in industries and in the PA. The measures in favor of businesses are intended to support the Transition 4.0, to foster the birth and growth of innovative AI companies and support them in the testing and certification of AI products.

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Updated November 27, 2021 11:18
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