Oppo's SuperVOOC recharge reaches up to 70W, one step away from Xiaomi

We know how the war for the best of smartphones does not only pass through the photographic sector: another point that interests more and more users is the battery. In particular, more than capacity measured in mAh, what a buyer looks at very carefully today is the charging technology. Long since Xiaomi and Oppo they fight a silent battle to those who go stronger in this sense: if Xiaomi has managed to reach the power of 100W into laboratory, Oppo managed to bring i 65W in the real world, holding the record. And now this record is about to be broken at home, thanks to Oppo SuperVOOC that reaches 70W of power.

Oppo's SuperVOOC recharge reaches up to 70W, one step away from Xiaomi

According to one of the latest images posted by the Chinese blogger Digital Chat Station, an Oppo device would have been able to reach a charging power of well 70W, surpassing what we have seen on Reno Ace of 65W. Below the shot in question.

opposite 70w

The question we are all asking is precisely that: what device is it? Many users suggest that it is Oppo find x2, while others of an even more powerful version of Reno Ace. We will remain in doubt until Shen Yiren, CEO of the brand, decides to reveal it. What is certain is that The struggle for the supremacy of charging technology is becoming increasingly bitter and rekindles what is the flame at the basis of the struggle that has always fought between brands. Let's see how it went from a silent one fight against the best photographic sensor (see the 108 megapixel Samsung) who loads the smartphone faster.

Nothing to complain, for heaven's sake, on the contrary: finally we hear something different from the complaints of the various ninety pieces that are pricked for the photographic sector. But what really matters is: we will have charging cells that will not abandon us after a hundred charging cycles? Unfortunately, this is also an aspect to consider, even more so if we are used to recharge our smartphone several times a day.


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