Oppo's AI is the first in terms of human language interpretation for SemEval

THEartificial intelligence it is undoubtedly one of the most important things both for the individual and for a company. In the first case, it facilitates a whole series of actions that are carried out: think of home automation that allows you to control our house vocally; in the second case, it allows you to have higher earnings, especially if you take a slice of your online business. Two different worlds, however, united by one thing: the understanding of human language. In this Oppo stood out among all the other companies that use AI in that, according to SemEval, it is the best as regards the interpretation of human language.

SemEval crowns Oppo as the company with the best artificial intelligence linked to the understanding and interpretation of human language

On the occasion of the last “International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation"(SemEval 2020) Oppo was awarded the first place in the international competition relating to texts in social media in mixed code and in Spanish / English. For those not aware of it SemEval it is one of the most important, if not the most important, competitions as far as it goes the processing of natural language machines. Obviously, natural language means that of man.

Oppo's artificial intelligence is the first in terms of interpretation of human language

The first two classified belong to the "Oppo Team"

The brand's victory takes place in the field of the so-called "Sentiment Analysis", Or that branch (so to speak) of artificial intelligence that intercepts and understands users' emotional changes. This type of analysis allows voice assistants, primarily AI users, to be able to respond to user requests in an increasingly appropriate and lightning-fast way. Hao Jie, Chief Speech e Semantics Scientist of the OPPO Research Institute said:

"OPPO Research Institute aims to enhance the wide range of products and services that OPPO offers, providing users with an increasingly integrated technological experience. This is why every day we work to achieve new achievements thanks to the numerous cutting-edge results obtained so far in the technological field. We will continue to improve our AI skills and make OPPO products more intelligent and customer-oriented. "

SemEval's authority is also demonstrated by sponsorship by SIGLEX, under the "Association for computational linguistics"(ACL), the most influential and dynamic international academic organization in this field. From poco Oppo has decided to invest in this large field of semantics linked to technology. Despite the lack of experience the team managed to reach the sixth place in the important Stanford Question Answering Dataset (SQuAD 2.0), As well as the first and second in the machine translation competitions of the WMT, CCMT and IWSLT languages.

Oppo's artificial intelligence is the first in terms of interpretation of human language

Stanford Question Answering Dataset (SQuAD 2.0)

Among other things, Tony Chen, founder and CEO of the brand, has announced that they will be invested 7 billion dollars in research and development. This is to promote progress in the field of 5G, AI, AR and big data.


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